Monday, December 13, 2010

Doris Miller Memorial

a couple of months ago my neighboor George Schroeder, a known local sculptor specializing in large scale steel sculptures approached me to enter a national competition for a memorial in waco. this is our second collaboration.

we had the presentation this saturday at Baylor after having made the finals.
here's some images of the presentation model.

to get a sense of scale of this proposed memorial, it is close to 220' in lenght and 25' tall at the hight point. if we include the berm and trees it's around 300'x150'.

Doris Miller was the cook on one of the ships being raided at Pearl Harbor in ww2, he took over one of the ship guns and took down enemy planes. he was the first african american to receive the navy cross. he was from waco, where the memorial is scheduled.

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