Wednesday, February 22, 2012

green prototype

new work by the Cevallos Lofts, single story 1,300sf dwelling. this is the first and most basic of 3 prototypes.
the main info is ready to take to the SIPs panel manufacturer.

the highlite area is the conditioned space (indoors). The goal is to make the design as compact and affordable as possible as well as atractive.

in the last 6months, the general area of the site is under a high rate of transition. this next image shows a section cutting through the covered parking which also dubs as an access courtyard

the dwelling opens up to the back/main courtyard, keeping any oppening from the streetview absent creating a more abstract interesting space that could be interpreted as something besides a dwelling. even though from the street it might look like a flat roofline, it's actually a 2-12 L shaped shed roof.

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