Thursday, November 17, 2011

student housing

back on track after more than a year. the schematic design remains without major changes after revising a floodplane change on the site.
there's been a round of meetings to kickstart design development this last couple of weeks with civil and structural engineers to define which construction system will be used, there's a lot of work ahead.

this is a 20k sf apartment building focused on student housing near utsa main campus on the north side of town. the building consists of 3 levels and 27 unnits, 15 double occupancy and 12 single, each level houses 5 and 4 respectivly.

because of competing against larger apartment cmplexes with amenities like clubhouses and swimming pools. the design incorporates a covered outdoor 3 level communal space, intended to be used as an evening movie screening area. during the day, the area is shaded on its south and west exposures, as well as an outdoor fireplace for winter evenings.

on the opposite end there is a bus stop, the building's screen wall turns and reaches out towards it.

just finished a study model of the design to aid with the next round of meetings. a more detailed model to follow after design development.

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